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https://michiganinsurance.org is a privately owned website that is not owned or operated by any government agency

About Us

Michigan Insurance Information Portal was created with the mission of simplifying the topic of insurance for Michigan residents in both private and commercial settings. We provide insight about the various insurance products that are available to Michigan residents and clarify certain aspects of coverages that are frequently misunderstood.

We are not an insurance company or an insurance agency.

Our readers come to us from all over Michigan and outside the state. Some are learning about health, home, and auto private insurance, while others are business owners who are researching commercial coverages, or insurance professionals looking to refresh their knowledge.

Our main goal at MichiganInsurance.org is to make it easier for our readers to understand insurance, how it applies to our daily lives, and how to get quality coverage at the best price.

We Help By:

  • Educating about different types of Michigan insurance coverages and how they react in a variety of claim situations after a loss,
  • Going over insurance payment options available for personal and business policies, and how they may affect the costs of each type of Michigan insurance,
  • Helping to identify ways to save money on insurance based on the individual or business needs,
  • Providing lists of insurance companies and Michigan insurance agents who can answer our readers’ case-specific questions and help obtain the needed coverage.

We are here to help anyone interested to learn about insurance in Michigan.